What is a N.O.C?

NOC is No Objection Certificate. This certificate is given by the RTO of a specified state. If in case you are driving your car to any other state you have to get a NOC from your state transport authorities who give you a certificate that allows you to drive your car in any other state. If in case you are planning to go back to your original state of registration, you can enjoy a grace period of about 90 days. If you are in some other state for more than that period, you need to have a NOC and then re-register when you go back.


Documents Required For N.O.C

  • Application Form No. 28

  • Original RC (RC Book/ RC Card)

  • Up to date payment of Road tax receipt

  • Valid Vehicle Insurance Policy

  • Crime  Report of N.C.R.B (National Crime Records Bureau)

  • Copy of local address proof

  • Clearance letter from the Financier (only in case you had bought your vehicle on loan)


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